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Tipe Busi Standard Starlet

  • Starlet 2E pake BKR-6E
  • Starlet 4EFTE pake BKR-6EGP (6EGP adalah tipe jarum).

Pabrik Toyota Motor Corp Jpn menggunakan NGK BKR-6E-P11 sebagai busi standard utk 4EFTE.
Tapi tipe itu tidak ada utk market Indonesia.

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Share info buat baca busi NGK, dapet dari Mr.Jayz di forum TGTT

>How to read NGK Plugs:


Here is the table of values top quality medications. buy dapoxetine online uk . top offering, dapoxetine buy usa. for NGK spark plug names.

The breakdown is like this: [b] [CPR] [6] [E] [S] – [11]
Six fields. Some, e.g. the second field, are optional.
Some fields may have multiple letters.

Field one: Thread diameter.
A = 18mm B = 14mm C = 10mm D = 12mm

Field two: Construction.
C = hex size 5/8″ K = hex size 5/8 with projected tip (ISO)
M = compact type P = projected insulator type
R = resistor SD = surface discharge for rotary engines
U = semi-surface discharge Z = inductive suppressor

Field three: Heat Range.
2 = hot, up to 10 = cold. There’s no 1, I guess.

Field four: Thread reach.
E = 19mm F = tapered seat
H = 12.7mm (1.5″) L = 11.2mm (7/16″)

If this field is blank, an 18mm diameter plug has 12mm reach,
and a 14mm plug has a 9.5mm (3/8″) reach.

Field Five: Firing end construction.
A, B = special design (no details given)
C = special ground electrode
G = racing use
GV = racing use V type
H = half thread
K = 2 ground electrodes for certain Toyotas
L = half heat range
LM = compact lawn mower type
M = 2 ground electrodes for Mazda rotary engine
N = special ground electrode
P = platinum tip (premium)
Q = 4 ground electrodes
R = delta ground electrode for BMW
S = standard 2.6mm centre electrode
T = 3 ground electrodes
V = fine-wire centre electrode, gold palladium
VX = platinum tip (high performance)
W = tungsten electrode
X = booster gap
Y = v-groove centre electrode

Field Six: (after the dash) Wide gap.
8 = .032″ 9 = .036″ 10 = .040″
11 = .044″ there is no 12 13 = .050″
14 = .055″ 15 = .060″ 20 = .080″

Other notes:
There’s more, such as for metal shell plugs, “V-Power” plugs
for North American made cars, and other stuff. I’m not typing it in.

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Some bikes use the DR8ES-L plug. Theres’s no indication what the ‘L’
means; it does not appear in the symbol chart for field six.

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ST1100 (hey, it’s a V4) : CR8EH-9
VF1100 : DPR8EA-9
VF1000 : DPR8EA-9
VF750, VF700 : DPR8EA-9
VFR750, VFR700 : DPR9EA-9
VF500 : DPR8EA-9
VFR750R (1990) : CR9EH-9
VFR750F (1990) : CR9EH-9
VFR750F (1991-92) : CR8EH-9

Extended-life platinum tip plugs replacing the CR9EH-9 are
available as CR9EHVX-9.

Resistor plugs are used for two reasons –

1. They cut down prednisone organon generic name . free delivery, prednisone for cats online. how much does generic prednisone cost prednisone tags: buy prednisolone  electrostatic interference.

2. They provide a sharper “edge” to the voltage spike, making for
a stronger, shorter spark. On high RPM motors, this is important.

The projected insulator simply describes the shape of the plug head.
A projected insulator sticks out a little further into the combustion


I’ve proof-read this for typos and I believe it to be accurate
to what appears in the 1992-93 NGK catalog from which it is taken.

You can reach NGK at 800-855-8151 (?), 714-855-8278

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